Transform Your Mind: 12-Week Mental Fitness Program

Welcome to the Mental Fitness Program!

Many efforts to bring about positive change often fall short because they merely involve gaining insight without establishing lasting habits. Achieving enduring transformation towards a more positive mindset requires laying down neural pathways through consistent daily practice to cultivate new habits. This is precisely what our PQ Program enables you to accomplish.

Embark on a transformative journey towards mental fitness and personal growth with our 12- week PQ Program. This program is designed to enhance your overall well-being, improve performance, and foster positive relationships. By committing to this course, you will empower yourself to create sustained change and build a more positive mind.

Program begins March 4th!-

Program begins March 4th!-

Program begins March 4th!-

Program begins March 4th!-

Program begins March 4th!-

Program Highlights:

PQ Operating System:

Engaging in app-guided practice for just 15 minutes each day allows you to fortify your mental muscles by constructing stronger neural pathways. These bite-sized exercises are designed to integrate into your hectic schedule seamlessly and are tailored to address specific areas where you may tend to self-sabotage.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls (90 Minutes):

Join me for our weekly group coaching session where I’ll personally guide you through dynamic and interactive discussions. Together, we’ll foster a supportive community and uncover valuable insights to fuel your personal growth journey.

Private Coaching Session:

Benefit from a personalized, one-on-one coaching session to address your specific needs and challenges.

Group Message Support:

Stay connected and receive support between sessions through our group messaging platform.

Program Details:

Program Duration

12 weeks

Start Date

March 4, 2024

End Date

May 27, 2024

First Group Call

March 4


$1,475 (Paid in full) or 3 payments of $565

Envision a reality where you effortlessly maintain calmness, clarity, and positivity while navigating the most demanding aspects of work and life. What new heights can you reach in your achievements, peace of mind, wellness, and relationships? Take a decisive step today to enhance your mental fitness.

This is it. The time is now!

Ask yourself: Do you desire a change in your life badly enough? If the answer is a resounding yes, then the time to act is NOW!

Who’s the course for? 0:54

I’ll give examples of where you are in your life now that you want to make the decision to turn things around.

Why three months? 0:53

Because we don’t change by just doing a weekend workshop, change takes time and consistent practice.

What’s Mental Fitness? 1:11

Just like physical fitness, where you do reps for your muscles, we will be doing reps for our mental muscles.

How does it work? 1:58


You will first do a little test to identify your main saboteurs, the ones that have settled in, and do whatever they want inside your head.

You will have access to all the information about saboteurs and how they work.

You will have access to the PQ app which will be guiding you daily to do your reps.

We will all be connected as a group on this app and share experiences, ask questions, and give suggestions and support to each other.

We will meet every week for about 2 hours to share, learn and discuss.

1st session, I will explain the process in detail, and we will write down our main objective for this course.

I will meet with each of you on a one on one to help you clarify and answer any personal questions you may have.

You are going to have total support during the 3 months. All I need is your commitment!

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Transform your mind and cultivate a positive outlook on life. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of our 12-week Mental Fitness Program. Take the first step today!

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