Embrace Your Emotions With Ximena Véliz

Ximena Véliz

Ximena Véliz is an Author, International Emotions Coach with more than 25 years of experience helping people cope and grow with life’s many different challenges.

While living in Switzerland and working with people from around the world, she realized that people benefit by acknowledging their full range of emotions.

Ximena helps her clients realize that life is movement; it is not perfect or static. Embracing this awareness, and looking at where our emotions are coming from, will help us in our personal development and relationships.

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What Happens If I Embrace
My Emotions?

Often, our emotions are bouncing around inside of us!
Maybe we just don’t feel good, not in control or our lives, or want to make a change.

You don’t have to do it yourself, most are unable to. Having someone to help you understand what’s going on, where the problems come from, and understand your reactions, plays a critical part in your mental and physical well-being.

Warning: Understanding and Embracing Your Emotions may cause the following side effects:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Improved relationship
  • Success in your work or school
  • Restful sleep at night
  • Overall wellness . . . Mentally and Physically


Kim Vincent

Geneva – Switzerland - Miami, Florida"Ximena is a joy to know and work with. As a coach, she not only shares her knowledge."

Odile Perrenoud

Geneva, Switzerland, United StatesWhat can I say? I am living the dream!

Angela D

Colombia - Los Angeles, California“I am at a loss of words as to how Ximena has impacted my life. "

Kareem Qandeel

(18 years old) Italy – VD, Switzerland"Hi, my name is Kareem, and I am here to talk about my experience with Ximena."

Bill S

Asheville, North Carolina, United States“I am very happy to speak on behalf of the Coach. She did an excellent job working with me"

Betty Redmond

Ireland – Geneva, Switzerland“Ximena is wonderful, I can’t recommend her enough! My life was at a major crossroads when I started working with Ximena."

My Naked Truth

“What A Strength, And A Wonderful Lesson Of LOVE! This Book Is A Must For Anybody Who Suffers Or Tries To Progress In His Own Life. Ximena Véliz Talks With Her Guts, Affecting You With Simple And Human Words. She Dares To Talk About Bulimia, A Taboo Subject Normally Reserved For “Specialists.” Her Story Of Life Is Worth Hundreds Of Medical And Psychological Studies On The Subject, And, Above All, She Succeeded In Curing Herself With SOMETHING That Is Present In All Of Us And Doesn’t Need To Be Sought Outside Oneself.” -Daniel Dufour, M.D Geneva, Switzerland.
“I Once Needed A Helping Hand, At A Moment In My Life When It Mattered Most And Found It! I Can Now Be That Helping Hand For You.” -Ximena

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Emotions Coach/Mentor

Workshops & Seminars


Sometimes, It Seems As If Life Just Has It In For Us And We
Can Never Catch A Break. In Reality, There Will Always Be
Moments We Have Little To No Control Over, But We Can
Always Control How We React To Those Moments. My Job
Is To Give You The Tools And Techniques To Achieve A
Balanced And Fulfilling Life.
With Our Coaching Sessions, You’ll Learn About Acceptance
And How To Exert Your Power Of Choice Over Whatever Life
May Throw At You.
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Workshops & Seminars

**This is a 4-wk course. We will soon resume this In-Person course. Stay tuned!

Week 1: “What’s Your Story?” – Find The Parts Of Your Story That
Are Keeping You Limited And Disempowered, Preventing You From
Living In Your Own Bliss.

Week 2: “That’s Not Your Story!” – Understand Why And How The
Story Was Created The Way It Was. Disconnect From That Story And
Begin The Process Of Releasing The Old Story.

Week 3: “Release The Energy Connected To The Story” – Make A
Conscious Decision To No Longer Be Identified By That “Victim” Story
Release The Negative Energy And Any Attachments Connected To
The Old Story. You Will Also Learn A Shaking Exercise To Physically
Release The Energy.

Week 4: “Re-Write Your Story!” – feel empowered and tell the story from its real source, YOU! You will connect the energy to your real story. You will also receive tips on creating a home that reflects your new story. 

Reiki is a simple hands-on healing technique which was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s while in a state of meditation. 
It is a method of natural healing that works holistically by de-blocking the flows of energy within and around the body. 
It can be practiced by anyone who has been attuned to the Reiki energies by an experienced REIKI Master / Teacher. 
REIKI is used in many hospitals worldwide to help patients manage their pain.

REIKI Level 1 training (18 hours including practice time)
This is a two-day intensive in person class which covers:

  • What is REIKI, its history and origin, how it works. 
  • How REIKI purifies and heals. 
  • The four initiations of the first degree (including individual and group attunements)
  • REIKI guiding principles as Dr.USUI gave them. 
  • Hands positions on oneself. 
  • Hands positions on others. 
  • Practice of REIKI on oneself including scanning techniques
  • Practice of REIKI on others. 
  • Explanation of the chakras, their roles in the body functions
  • Energy Management (including clearing and protection)

REIKI Level 2 training (18 hours including practice time)
This is a two-day intensive in person class which covers:

  • A complete revision of the first-degree including grounding and moving meditations.
  • Explanation of the four symbols of the second degree, (power, mental, distance & heart), their mantras.
  • How, why and when to use the symbols on oneself and on others.
  • How to handle specific problems/issues in your life using Reiki healing energies and 2nd level symbols
  • Distant/remote healing, “beaming”.
  • Exercises on distant healing.
  • How to work on specific situations past, present, future.
  • The two initiations of the second degree

REIKI Level 3/Advanced REIKI training (18 hours including practice time)
This is a two-day intensive in person class. This class is meant for those who want to know all about healing with REIKI, to purify, heal, meditate without necessarily continuing to the Master level. This class will cover:

  • The teaching and full explanation of the Master Symbol, its Mantra, how, when and why to use it.
  • Master Symbol’s initiation.
  • Healing attunement.
  • Learning attunement process for levels 1 & 2
  • Psychic surgery or Auric Healing which helps to eliminate negative energies or blockages in oneself and in others.
  • Guided meditation to meet your REIKI guide (s) who is (are) there to help you in your day-to-day life and when healing yourself and others.

REIKI Level 4 Master/Teacher training (16 hours including practice time)
This is a two-day intensive in person class. This class is meant for those who wish to devote their life to teaching REIKI. 
Some may also decide to be initiated to the Master level for their own satisfaction and to be able to initiate their family and friends. The entire USUI natural healing system is taught in this class.
There will be a lot of practice time in class as one learns how to give all the attunements to one’s students. Meditation will be added to harmonize the chakras and to ground the energies. 
This class is a very powerful experience and it marks a beginning of a very strong purification process of physical and spiritual healing.

Embrace Your Emotions With Ximena Véliz

Change the way you keep in touch & enjoy a stress free life.