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Embrace Love, You Are Worthy

Welcome to a world where success knows no bounds, and love is your greatest aspiration. I'm Ximena, here to empower you on the path to embracing the love and happiness you've always deserved. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, celebrating your worthiness and unlocking a life filled with love, laughter, and lasting joy.

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Welcome to Embracing Your Worth, Tailored for Women Over 50.

We’re dedicated to guiding you on a path where love, joy, and a renewed sense of self-worth await.

The Beauty of Feeling Worthy:

Awaken daily to your profound worthiness, deserving of love and happiness. Picture yourself confidently navigating the world, exuding positivity, and attracting more energy and creativity. Our journey unleashes your innate power—where success is inevitable, and dreams are within reach

Having Love and Being Loved:

Love isn't just a dream; it's a reality waiting to unfold. Through our coaching, you'll learn to open your heart to love and allow yourself to be loved in return. It's a journey of vulnerability and authenticity, where you'll discover that love, at any age, is a source of profound beauty. Love knows no bounds — for yourself or others.

Being Out There, Enjoying Life

Our coaching isn't just about finding love; it's about rediscovering life's joys. Picture yourself enjoying new experiences, meeting fascinating people, and relishing every moment. It's about being out there, creating memories, and savoring the beauty of life in all its forms.

Showing Up for Yourself

One of the most beautiful transformations you'll experience is the act of showing up for yourself. It's about self-care, self-love, and prioritizing your own happiness. Our coaching empowers you to put yourself first, making you feel not just valued, but truly cherished.

A transformative journey, designed exclusively for Women over 50.

Step into a tailored mental fitness journey. At our core, we’re here for you

Ximena Véliz

“My mission is clear: to empower you to navigate the intricacies of love, to believe in the
beauty of your worthiness, and to open the door to a new chapter where you finally put
yourself first, embracing love, laughter, and the joy of a fulfilling journey.”

With a wealth of experience spanning more than 23 years in the field of personal growth and empowerment, I’ve made it my mission to specialize in guiding exceptional women over 50 on their journey to rediscover love and lasting happiness. Having worked internationally and alongside people from diverse backgrounds, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of embracing one’s emotions and acknowledging the ever-changing nature of life.




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I've known Ximena for over 3 years, and she's been a no-nonsense, decision-focused support in my life. Her unique ability to connect and listen is remarkable. Ximena's coaching has touched multiple aspects of my life – dating, career, intuition. She's a mentor, business advisor, and friend, bringing awareness and added value. Her wisdom and experience are invaluable.

Carla GonzalezLausanne – Switzerland – Panama - St. Louis, Missouri

Ximena ha sido una guía excepcional en mi viaje de autodescubrimiento durante casi un año. Su enfoque positivo, su accesibilidad a pesar de la distancia y su capacidad para transmitir amor propio han transformado mi vida. Trabajar con ella es un verdadero placer. Si buscas regalarte el autoamor, no dudes en contactarla; lo mereces.

C.R.Lausanne – Suiza - Mexico

One of the best decisions was working with Ximena as my life coach for over four years. Her guidance helped me gain perspective, prioritize goals, and accept strengths and weaknesses. This journey led to more meaningful relationships, and Ximena's support and honest feedback continue to make each session valuable. Committing to mental well-being is ongoing, but choosing Ximena was truly a standout decision.

V.D.Geneva – Switzerland - Holland

I wish I had discovered your services sooner. I used this service during a job search in Southern California and found it immensely valuable. It felt like a positive therapy session, helping me understand my professional goals, fears, and personal desires. This clarity positively impacted my job search and life.

J.HLos Angeles, CA

I sought a coach to break free from a long-standing stagnation. Ximena is that exceptional coach – compassionate, wise, and able to coax honest self-reflection. She cleared the fog of years, revealing a beautiful, strong individual. Through her guidance, I reconnected with my inner self, discovering newfound clarity and purpose. Thanks, Ximena.

Carolin A.Geneva – Switzerland – Germany - Kenya

Meeting Ximena three years ago transformed my life. She's inspiring, kind, and incredibly smart. Our sessions, initially face-to-face but later via Skype due to my relocation, remained enriching. With her non-judgmental and clear guidance, I've grown, discovered my uniqueness, and adopted a positive life approach. I'm now more self-aware and focused on self-improvement.

Brenda E.Lausanne. - Switzerland. Mexico. Amsterdam

I was lost and battling negativity. Ximena guided me toward happiness and health. Now, I maintain a positive perspective, finding goodness in even the smallest things. She's my biggest supporter, providing invaluable tools to navigate life's challenges.

Amy GuidottiUK - Geneva - Switzerland

Cuando conocí a Ximena, estaba en un momento de inseguridad en mi vida personal y profesional. A través de nuestras sesiones, experimenté un notable crecimiento y cambio que me hizo sentir más segura. Aprendí que el pensamiento positivo atrae cosas positivas, convirtiéndose en mi filosofía de vida. Gracias a Ximena, soy una mejor persona, y eso es invaluable.

Melissa RPanama - Lausanne – Suiza - Portugal

Ximena a transformé ma vie en quatre ans de travail. L'acceptation, l'amour, la confiance en soi, et la joie étaient étrangers pour moi à notre première rencontre. Grâce à son optimisme et à sa douceur, les épreuves les plus difficiles sont surmontables. Son influence positive m'a transporté vers l'espoir, et elle m'a montré que les objectifs demandent de la volonté et de l'investissement. Ses conseils valent la peine, même quand cela semble impossible.

Cécile F.Vaud – Suisse. Italie

She combines effectiveness and accuracy, rare qualities. I was fortunate to be trained in Reiki by Ximena in Geneva. Her teaching, from beginner to Master level, was marked by her competence and open-mindedness. Ximena's kindness and wisdom shone through, and her practice sessions further revealed her experience and caring nature. I highly recommend her coaching and training.

Louise Doswald-BeckGeneva - UK

Elle s’investit grandement dans le bonheur ! Ximena m’a aidé à réveiller en douceur les émotions enfouies au fil des années, rendant la vie moins belle. Elle comprend notre capacité à traverser, à changer. Elle utilise différentes méthodes et possède une capacité d’écoute extraordinaire. Elle est véritablement concernée par notre bonheur et notre parcours de vie.

DelphineGenève – Belgique

Ximena is a joy to know and work with. As a coach, she not only shares her knowledge but she brings enthusiasm, passion, and a sense of humor as well.

Kim VincentGeneva – Switzerland - Miami

If you’re looking for someone that can help you find clarity that can help you as you go through difficult decisions and changes in your life, Ximena will be there for you.

Angela DColombia – Los Angeles

I think if anyone needs a medium to stay connected, stay aware, stay in the flow, realize that belief is everything, that any of their wildest dreams can come true, and that they should never give up. I think Ximena can really help you see that to fruition.

Kareem Qandeel

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